Application Guideline for Year 2024


CoursesIntakesCourses & Levels
1-year College Preparatory CourseAprilCollege Preparatory Course A
(Intermediate – Advanced)
1.5-year College Preparatory CourseOctoberCollege Preparatory Course B
(Intermediate – Advanced)
2-year College Preparatory CourseAprilJapanese Language Course A
(Beginner – Intermediate)
→ College Preparatory Course A
(Intermediate – Advanced)
1-year Japanese CourseApril/
Japanese Language Course A or B
(Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced)

2.Student Capacity

150 students (College Preparatory Course: 56 / Japanese Course: 94)


The applicant must fulfil at least one of the three conditions below.

  1. Completed 12 years of formal education in the applicant’s native country.
  2. Completed high school curriculum or the equivalent in the applicant’s native country.
  3. Similar or equivalent academic qualifications recognized/acknowledged by JET Academy.

※Kindly note that application by certain countries/region may not be accepted.

4.Application Documents(Necessary documents upon submission (A+B))

A Documents to be Prepared by the Applicant

  1. Application Form 入学願書 (provided by JET Academy)
  2. Certificate of Graduation 卒業証明書 (original or certified true copies only)
  3. Most Recent Academic Records 成績証明書 (original or certified true copies only)
  4. Passport copy (personal information page and all entries into Japan)
    ※ Proof of entries in expired passports are required as well.
  5.  7 Photographs taken within the past 3 months (4cm×3cm, name written on the back of photo.)

B Documents Certifying Financial Ability of the Applicant’s Sponsor

a. Sponsor Not Living in Japan
  1. Sponsor’s Bank Account(s) Statement (original or certified true copy)
  2. Certificate of Payment 経費支弁書 (provided by JET Academy)
  3. Proof of relationship with the applicant
    (i.e. Copy of birth certificate or Green Card)
  4. Proof of the sponsor’s annual income and certification of employment
b. Applicant funding him/herself
  1. Applicant’s Bank Account(s) Statement (min JPY 3,000,000)
  2. Proof of applicant’s annual income and certification of employment
c.  Sponsor Living in Japan
  1. Certificate of Payment 経費支弁書 (provided by JET Academy)
  2. Certificate of sponsor’s income statement 課税証明書
  3.  Sponsor’s Bank Account(s) Statement (min JPY 3,000,000)
  4. Proof of relationship with the applicant
     (i.e. Copy of birth certificate or Green Card)
  5. Proof of occupation
  6. Copy of ID card

※Additional documents may be required for application from certain countries or area.

5.Application Procedure(You can apply through one of the three ways below)

  1. Walk-in submission at JET Academy, submit the required documents & screening fee (JPY 20,000).
  2. Submit all of your documents by registered mail and transfer the screening fee (JPY 20,000) to the bank account below (bank charges to be borne by the applicant).
  3.  Contact one of our overseas liaison offices and submit the required documents and the screening fee (JPY 20,000). Kindly contact us in advance to find out where our overseas liaison offices are.

6.Application Period

April Intake: 1 September 2023 – 15 November 2023
October Intake:11 March 2024 – 15 May 2024

※Application may close earlier than intended when student capacity is reached.

7.Screening Method and Notification of Acceptance

Screening will only be done upon receiving complete documents and the screening fee of JPY 20,000. All applicants will be notified on the application results; successful applicants will be required to pay the admission fee of JPY 50,000 upon receiving the Letter of Admission. The screening and admission fees are not refundable should you decide to withdraw your application after completing the admission procedure.

8.Immigration Screening (Student Visa Application)

The documents of those who have passed the school’s screening will be submitted to the Immigration Bureau by the school. The school will notify the applicant when the Certificate of Eligibility(COE; 在留資格認定証明書)is issued. Successful applicants will then be required to pay the tuition fees and an additional JPY 15,000 (including insurance fee for foreign students and studying materials fee) for the first year. The Certificate of Eligibility (original document) will only be sent via post upon payment received. The Certificate of Eligibility is usually issued at the end of February for the April intake and at the end of August for the October intake.

9.School Admission Procedures

Applicants are required go to the local Japanese Embassy or Consulate to apply for a student visa upon receiving the Certificate of Eligibility

10.Fees(tax included)

Screening feeJPY20,000When applying
for JET Academy
Admission feeJPY50,000When Letter of Admission
is issued by JET Academy
Tuition Fees1-year
Japanese Course
JPY700,000When COE is issued
by Immigration Bureau
1st semester JPY350,000
2nd semester JPY350,000
College Preparatory
1st semester JPY410,000
2nd semester JPY410,000
College Preparatory
1st semester JPY350,000
2nd semester JPY410,000
3rd semester JPY410,000
College Preparatory
1st semester JPY350,000
2nd semester JPY350,000
3rd semester JPY410,000
4th semester JPY410,000
One subject/yearMathematics JPY70,000
Physics, Chemistry, Biology
After arrival in Japan


  1. As a rule of thumb, all fees must be paid in advance. (Inform us in advance for instalment payments.)
  2. Generally, school fees are not refundable. However, exceptions will be given for the following cases,
    (1)Inevitable circumstances that lead to withdrawal from the intake, the school fees (not including screening fee and admission fee) will be refunded (Letter of Admission needs to be returned).
    (2) If the Certificate of Eligibility is not issued by the Minister of Justice, the admission fee will be refunded as well. (Letter of Admission needs to be returned).
    (3)Inevitable circumstances occurred during the intake that leads to inability to continue studying at JET Academy, school fees paid for the following intakes will be refunded.
  3. The cost of textbooks and other studying materials are not included in the tuition fee. (It will cost about JPY 10,000 – 20,000 a year.)

11.Payment Methods

1)Bank Account Details

Name of Bank: Mizuho Bank Ltd.
Name of Branch: Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Branch, Tokyo
Account Number: 2922509
School Name: JET Nihongo Gakko (JET日本語学校)
School Address: 7-8-9 Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 114-0023 JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3916-2101

※Kindly provide your name in the transfer details.
※All bank charges will be borne by the applicant.
※When remitting money to the above bank account, a handling fee may be charged by the bank in the applicant’s home country. Any additional fee deducted from the total amount has to be reimbursed to the school upon arriving Japan.

2)Credit Card (Payment through Flywire)

Kindly make the payments by using the link below.
Inquiries: Toll-Free line within USA +1 800 346 9252
Japan +81 (50) 5846 6695


※You can also pay via telegraphic transfer(T/T)
※Please do not transfer your living expenses to the school.
※You need to register an account when using Flywire’s services.
 When registering the account, please make sure that you enter your name (in romaji) and Admission ID (Student ID) correctly as the account can be used for future payments.

For Students Graduating University or Graduate Schools

Upon graduating university or graduate schools, if you need to further improve your Japanese in order to get employed in Japan, kindly opt for the 1 Year Japanese Language Course.
Though the application period is not fixed, kindly get in touch with us in advance. The list of documents required to be submitted along with the application form will be provided by us.

Transferring from Another Japanese Language School

If you wish to enrol in our school after completing a course in another Japanese language school, individual consultation is required to determine if you are eligible. Though the application period is not fixed, kindly get in touch with us in advance.