Regarding Employment in Japan

According to a study conducted in 2020, around 31% of international students seek for employment in Japan upon graduating a Japanese university. In addition, those seeking employment upon completing a course in a Japanese language school is around 6%. As the Japanese government is seen providing support in helping international students getting employed, the employment rate for international students in Japan is expected to rise in the near future.
In order to get a job and obtain the required status of residence, in principle, one has to have graduated from a four-year university course, or obtained a specialist qualification from technical schools in Japan.
Even under the working visa category, there are various statuses of residence such as “technical / humanistic knowledge / international work”, “professor”, “business / management”, and “specific activities”.
Information and details on employment of international students in Japanese companies (industry, positions, salary etc) could be found in「Regarding the Employment Status of International Students at Japanese Companies」 published by the Immigration Bureau of Japan around October to December every year.
Do take note that obtaining status of residence for certain industries like hairdressing, beauty, confectionary, culinary etc is not possible (or considerably hard) in Japan.


If your aim is to get employed in Japan, kindly opt for the 1-Year Japanese Language Course. Classes are full-time and students will learn the 4 skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in a balanced manner. In intermediate-advanced classes, the focus would be to pass JLPT N2 or N1.
We often conduct events for students to interact with the locals and university students; interactive sessions like these help students pick up communication skills that are essential for job hunting, as well as for after securing a job.

Employment seminars

5 employment seminars will be held from April to May and from October to November.
These seminars are open to students taking the short-term courses in April-June and October-December too.
The topics covered in the seminar are ① Guidance, ② Self-Analysis | Understanding Japanese | Businesses & Companies, ③ Promoting Yourself | Proper Ways to Write a Resume, ④ Interviews, and ⑤ Interactive/Dialog Sessions with Business Managers.
Insights on self & business analysis, preparing a resume and mock interviews will also be provided by professionals.
Opinion exchange sessions with business owners are co-organized with the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Besides that, visiting companies & business premises, and opportunities for internships are also available.
Support for job hunting like information sharing and counselling will be provided by our staff throughout the year.

Employment Examples of JET Academy Graduates

Mr. A

Job Industry/Occupation Type
Sales in Information & Communication Services/Sales

Message to Juniors
I chose a foreigner-friendly company. I suggest choosing a company that doesn’t require SPI (Aptitude Test).

Nationality/Gender/AgeHong Kong/male/26 years old
Education Background (Major)Graduate school in England (Medicine)
Activities Done during Job HuntingRegistered with Mynavi, attended JET’s employment seminars.
Also sought assistance from Tokyo International Recruitment Navigation Centre (Yotsuya).

Ms. B

Job Industry/Occupation Type
Bedding Manufacturing and Sales/Sales Office

Message to Juniors
Writing a proper “Reasons to Apply” is important. I used YouTube to help me understand better and prepare for the interview; I also presented myself in a positive manner during the interview. Please do your best!

Nationality/Gender/AgeTaiwan/female/24 years old
Education Background (Major)University in Taiwan(Hospitality Management)
Activities Done during Job HuntingAttended JET’s employment seminars. Registered with Yotsuya Hellowork.

Mr. C

Job Industry/Occupation Type
IT Related Data Engineer

Message to Juniors
Do your best and stay confident. Find a place that suits you.

Nationality/Gender/AgeThailand/male/24 years old
Education Background (Major)University in Thailand (Accounting)
Activities Done during Job HuntingRegistered with Mynavi in 2020. Attended JET’s employment seminars and job fairs (Ikebukuro Metropolitan etc.).

Ms. D

Job Industry/Occupation Type
Electronic Component Development, Manufacturing and Sales/Sales

Message to Juniors

I submitted my resumes to 10 companies, 3 companies got back to me and I decided to join the 3rd company.
It was a pleasant interview with 3 executives that lasted for about an hour.

Nationality/Gender/AgeTaiwan/female/24 years old
Education Background (Major)University in Taiwan(Administrative Management)
Activities Done during Job HuntingRegistered with Yotsuya Hellowork (Tokyo International Recruitment Navigation Centre).

Ms. E

Job Industry/Occupation Type
Foreign-based Audio Company (Management/Human Resource)

Message to Juniors
Keep striving and don’t give up.

Nationality/Gender/AgeTaiwan/female/23 years old
Education Background (Major)University in Taiwan (Hospitality Management)
Activities Done during Job HuntingRegistered with Yotsuya Hellowork (Tokyo International Recruitment Navigation Centre), Friend’s introduction.

Data and Information Regarding Employment